November 9, 2017

Our Collection

Many people are surprised to learn that flying at Narromine started as early as 1919. Australia ’s oldest regional aero club, which is still active, was formed there ten years later. A host of famous aviators made regular visits during the 1920s and 30s, and were enthusiastically hosted by the townspeople (see Timeline).

During the Second World War, the aerodrome was upgraded to host firstly a large RAAF flying school, and in 1945 a unique RAF Mosquito bomber squadron. The post-war years saw Qantas conduct much of its pilot training there, as well as using the aerodrome as an alternative to Sydney ’s Mascot for international flights.

Within the museum walls is a captivating exhibition of artefacts, documents and photographs which tell the story of aviation as it unfolded on one of Australia ’s most historic aerodromes.  Some of the things you will be able to view include:

  • The only flyable replica of the 1907 Wright Flyer Model A (2005);
  • An original Corben Super Ace homebulit (1938);
  • An original Hawkridge Venture glider (1953)

In addition, a CAC Sabe jet fighter (1955) can be viewed by arrangement.

Our collection includes artefacts and stories from various times in history, including: